Girl Master of Disguises (Lesbian Story, GirlxGirl)

Girl Master of Disguises (Lesbian Story, GirlxGirl)

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Buggy Gills isn't who anyone thinks she is. Some say she's a snotty popular girl. Others say she's a geek who spends her time playing video games. Some say she's a blonde, others say wavy black-haired. Some have seen her as a kind nurse, and the rest comment her as an off-duty conductor at the train station. 
     Who is Buggy, really? She's a chameleon, a 'mistress of disguises' as people on the news call her (although 'girl master' suits her better). And she's an anti-hero. Buggy does her own thing that just happens to save people's lives. Now that a well-known celebrity is kidnapped, Buggy has to find him before it's too late. The problem with that is, who's that girl Buggy's always seeing throughout her mission?

Cover by @himayalin


  • action
  • anti-hero
  • costumes
  • dark
  • disguise
  • freethelgbt
  • girlxgirl
  • grandlgbt
  • humor
  • kidnapping
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • model
  • mysterious
  • newyork
  • nyu
  • redherring
  • sarcasm
  • seattle
  • university
3KhaliHoudini4 3KhaliHoudini4 Oct 23, 2016
I'm putting on my seat belt and strapping in for the ride! 👍🏽🎉
FabulousRuss FabulousRuss Feb 15, 2016
I love the sarcastic moments you've added in this story so far!
All_Around_Us All_Around_Us Dec 15, 2015
Angel? How do you get the nickname buggy from angel? Is there a story behind that