Ignite Me {Alice Cullen}

Ignite Me {Alice Cullen}

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Samantha Chase By Sweetest-Wolf Completed

~"I can't believe them." Cole hisses under her breath, she feels angry all over again. She can feel her fire sparking to life in her palms but she doesn't bother trying to control it. Why does she care if it burns her sleeves. Yeah, she's supposed to believe that Bella would just take off without telling her. No, Bella's not that sort of friend and Cole knows that. Of course, it hurts that Alice has vanished too but there nothing she can do but Follow.
    She ignores the bad feeling she has as she yanks open her bedroom door. She is frozen in her tracks, she's not alone. A vampire is waiting for her and he's not like the golden eyed vegetarians she has come to know.
    The blond vampire reclines back on her bed, like a king staring down at a lowly subject. Watching her every move, like a lion watches its prey. She wants to run or scream but he is the perfect predator and her, his prey.
    "So you're Cole." He states his voice filled with dry amusement, "Well I need a favour." He says and she knows he's not asking.~

      {Book one of the Mila Coleman Saga}
      {Set during Twilight} 

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