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"I was born and raised by a psycho"

"So, that doesn't consider you a psycho"

"Yes it does sweetheart"

I know this is weird, but I think that's hot. Even though he's probably a crazy person.
Dear miranda,
                              Karma's a bitch like ur std test
                              Love, crazy fangirl
Lucas and Stella were sitting on a tree 
                              F U C K I N G 
                              too soon?
kentarrian kentarrian Jul 29
She better not fall for his shenanigans 🙄he basically just said hey can have her once he gets what he wants and she over here talking about shivering in pleasure
BabySylveon BabySylveon Jul 23
My problem is that they spray it in the hallway I have asthma and I can't breath when they spray that
Is it bad that I find this funny? I mean, he just seams so calm about it that it's laughable