The Art Of a Forbidden Relationship

The Art Of a Forbidden Relationship

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ang By Angielicixus Updated Dec 19, 2017

Sugar, spice and everything nice may be the ingredients to create the Powerpuff girls- but sass, class and no scrubs, well that's the three main things to Athena Waters. The 17-year-old stubborn teenager won't take anything from anyone and like's to live in her own world, she has an airhead best friend and together they conquer the world daily.

Gavin West, he looks like the ultimate bad boy, heartbreaker, but he's just as sensitive as these female students. He's West Clinton High's new teacher and from each female falling to their feet when he walks by, he know's this year is going to be tough. The simple things like watching cat videos on youtube or reading fanfiction erotica may amuse him, but the fact that Athena Water's isn't his number one fangirl seems to amuse him even more.

Although both of them believe they are two completely different people, when the two writers simultaneously begin to realise they aren't that different they realise which story they're both living.

But their story isn't a love story.

#705 in Teen Fiction 1-8-16
(This is the original version which reaches chapter 19 is still available)
(student/teacher romance)
Angie Stanton 2015

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Larrys_Lady Larrys_Lady Apr 03, 2016
ahh I love the student/teacher thing and forbidden love yaaas. I like how it keeps you curious on what happens next. Also easier for you to change plots or add in twists x
forest898 forest898 Jan 18, 2016
It sounds interesting! It sounds like it will have a good concept around it. Hopefully I'll get around to reading soon
dun-nation dun-nation Jan 16, 2016
I commented on this chapter is that okay? i dont know of there is a specific chapter i'm supposed to comment on
dun-nation dun-nation Jan 16, 2016
I like your cover. You make like really nice covers. And I mean it. You are like great with covers and with writing.
dxb282 dxb282 Jan 15, 2016
ooh i wasn't sure after i saw it was a teacher/student romance but... the promo got me so intrigued i had to read on! Good story! x
simplysartorius simplysartorius Jan 11, 2016
That awkward moment when I forget who the main guy is..XD but I love it and I got reeled in like a dead fish. Good story though :) x