The Heir and The Heiress | m.y.g

The Heir and The Heiress | m.y.g

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아인 (ayen) By hobichu-net Completed

She's waiting for her last-long savior from years ago.

He's the one who saved her during her childhood.

Even that incident happened years ago, they still remember it.

He's always there for her when she's sad and happy.

He's the heir and she's the heiress. They got to involve with family's company at a young age.

They fall in love, but obstacles kept filling on their way.



Yeay, this is my first finished story on wattpad and also my debut in writing! wink-wink do enjoy lovelies ^^

*mini victory dance to dope*

mini ps : sorry for the grammatical errors & stuffs since eng not my first language >,< 


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