Undertale- Reset

Undertale- Reset

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*The cover is by ladypixelheart on Tumblr! All I did was add some filters and text.

"Promise me one thing- just one thing only."

Frisk nodded vigorously.

"No one can know about this whole reset thing. Not Papyrus, not Asgore, not anyone. It would basically bring this world to the point of falling to pieces at our feet. If we weren't trapped between time and space already, very few of us wouldn't be able to handle that knowledge, and could drive those who couldn't to the edge. So, please. I'm begging you. When you reach the End, when you get us out of here for the umpteenth time, I don't care if you reset or not. Just don't tell anyone about it, and... Please don't go homicidal again, okay?"

Frisk smiled meekly, and nodded. "I can do that. And don't worry about the reset."

They gave Sans a small hug. "After that whole thing with Chara, there won't be any more."

And with the final word, they opened the door to leave; before exiting they paused. "See you later."

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"The two of us ain't gonna follow your rules, come at me without any of your fancy tools
                              Lets go just me and you, lets go just one on two"
Wow a new au has randomly appeared..... ( no not really) wut is it called????? BRIANNATALE WERE EVERYTHING HAS MY FACE -3- jk....this wus a random comment...ANYWAY LUV THIS SO FAR KEEP U THE GOOD WORKK!!!👍👍👍 I'm gaster -3-
Nosiepops Nosiepops Mar 27
" say goodbye"
                              Please don't say goodbye,
                              If you say goodbye,
                              It will be goodbye...
Frisk/Chara: I'm gonna break you to pieces, just like you were your brother.
                              Sans: I'm gonna kill you again, just like you killed your own mother.
didise2001 didise2001 Mar 23
i know you're made of 
                              loo-oo-oove  loo-oo-oove  loo-oo-oove
                              But i think i'm stronger than you !
Braixen087 Braixen087 Mar 30