undertale oneshots //

undertale oneshots //

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i know that you miss me baby By grumpin Completed

((TW: boy x boy, girl x girl, nsfw and much more that I don't feel like typing out))
thank you so much for 88k views!!!! ag h i really didnt expect to get this far))

((also, important note- THE CONTENT IN HERE IS VERY OLD AND DOES NOT REFLECT MY WRITING STYLE ANYMORE. i dont even really like undertale anymore. you could classify it as cringey even. if you want to like, put it in a cringe comp or something thats fine but please dont link back to me or mention my name because i dont really like getting spammed with messages thanks

that being said please be nice to everyone here !!! ok bye))

((random stuff i either dump or post when i'm bored.
gonna be working on this until my writer's block goes away))

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amazinglyshelby amazinglyshelby May 18, 2016
Oh my gosh same. We're now best friends. You can't escape from my friendship
- - Jul 30, 2016
When you hate Frisk being female.
                              DANG IT NOW I DON'T WANT TO READ IT!!!
interrupted- interrupted- Sep 05, 2016
this is why that goats are now considered dangerous. you don't know when they will turn into a flower and kill all your love ones.
Sheakell1 Sheakell1 May 18, 2016
They call me crybaby crybaby but I dont fuking care crybaby crybaby I laugh through my tears
felixthehuman13 felixthehuman13 Sep 09, 2016
LivaChildOfHades LivaChildOfHades Mar 14, 2016
Yeah, Sans cares about Frisk a ton
                              A SKELE-TON
                              Don't shoot me