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Because Of You

Because Of You

55.4K Reads 1.8K Votes 16 Part Story
TimmyTurner4114 By TimmyTurner4114 Updated Nov 23, 2016

Camila struggles with how her body looks. The closest person to Camila is her father who is depressed with his wife dying. Lauren's boyfriend,Shawn and his best friend Austin bullies Camila. Lauren can't stand up for herself. What happens one night when Lauren kisses Camila?
Camila G!P

Leprechaun1224 Leprechaun1224 Jul 06, 2016
It was the penis part that got me lmao like everything else was like oh... Okay but you read that and it was like What 😂😂
DazohaniqueC DazohaniqueC Jun 04, 2016
It should of been the two girls together not a boy that's 16 and 13 year old girl together that as helllllllllla shade to Lauren smh "Taylor your my princess"
She got a dick that is bigger than yours. Now stay in yo lane
Separately_Single Separately_Single Aug 31, 2016
Why is it that every fanfic I read with Chris in it he always has a crush on Camila
Laurweed_highregui Laurweed_highregui 11 hours ago
Camz your not alone🙂 I do that a lot even when I don't have anyone to spill tea to or get shït off my chest
Btoxic Btoxic Apr 12, 2016
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 *Puts head down* "God Forgive me for laughing when I know I shouldn't"