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My Bestfriends Brother

My Bestfriends Brother

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UnfaithfullyYours By UnfaithfullyYours Updated Dec 30, 2016

"Rosie" she said with a grim smirk on her face.
I sighed rolling my eyes at her choice.
"Truth" I bluntly replied.
"Hmmm, do you have a crush on my brother?" She deviously raised a eyebrow at me as she questioned me.
"Are you being serious right now?" 
"Never been more serious" 
"Come on lil Rosie! No lies!" 
"Ugh, fine, yes!" I confessed.
All of their jaws dropped at my confession, my attention immediately went to Alfie as I stared at his shocked expression.
Rosie and Maddie have been best friends their whole lives. Their families have lived across the street from each over for twenty years, they have family vacations, barbecues, party's etc. One night Rosie, Maddie and their brothers decide to play a devious game of 'truth or dare?', on that night confessions are confessed, secrets are made and love is formed... 

Rosie is hopelessly in love with Alfie her best friends brother, but with surprises to come in the future dose she really know what heartache she is getting herself into?
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@-reveries-  guys this us chrysanthemum the English is crap but the book is popular af??
MaiaWerewolf03 MaiaWerewolf03 Nov 08, 2016
Never could I ever wear shorts to the airport. I would die from the chill.
mrmarionmoseby mrmarionmoseby Aug 26, 2016
..................................HOW ABOUT SOME JOGGERS AND A NIKE SHIRT
xEmiliaForestx xEmiliaForestx May 31, 2016
The seat order doesn't make sense considering that Maddie is in a middle seat between alfie and the protagonist. Maddie can't be leaning on the window.... Your welcome.
lilyayitey9 lilyayitey9 Jul 18, 2016
Literally confused in this part... Hu is Rosie's bro🤔🤔🤔🤔