Love Kills {Sterek}

Love Kills {Sterek}

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Stiles never thought he'd see the day his pack turned their backs on him, but that's the least of his worries now. First he's dying, then he has to lock away his feelings for an Alpha, and now a new creature, far worse than the Nogitsune, has entered Beacon Hills and is taking an interest in a dying Stiles. Stiles is far more lost in  his life than he has ever been before. It's just the beginning, and he already wants it to be the end. 

All rights to {Teen Wolf} characters and {Teen Wolf} plot belong to Jeff Davis and MTV. I do not own any characters.

*Warning: May contain mature sexual content, triggering material, boyxboy action, and all around depressing tones*

vikah07 vikah07 Apr 18
That is rude scott,,  you know that stiles got possess by evil
I feel like he didn't say that, that the monster in stiles made him hear that some how
purplexsky purplexsky Jul 02
The cliche 'Stiles is Derek's mate' but it's okay! But why is it established so early? Couldn't we have a little backup story for this?
sh*t this sterek fanfic is going to make me cry or worse lmao
Jonathan_Scars Jonathan_Scars Jul 29, 2016
FINALLY!!! when I lost my previous account I was looking for this story and finally today I again have my grasp on this. 
                              It's a year without this hahahah and now another year, another chance to finally finish what I've started.
Jonathan_Scars Jonathan_Scars Jul 30, 2016
I've read... I guess at least seven chapters from this story and still, every chapter surprises me hahaha. 
                              Really love this😍😍😍