Tough Guy Act (Gajeel x Reader)                    -Lemon-

Tough Guy Act (Gajeel x Reader) -Lemon-

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Iron Scales By JustFairyTails Updated Dec 30, 2015

Hey c: I spent hours on this one, to make it just right, There will be a cute beginning at first, btw, for those minor few that do read this, I have a warning.

-Extremely Sour Lemon!- This Fanfic contains sexual activity and stuffs, if this kind of thing offends you, please do not read unless you REALLY want to >.<

Just a quick Key for newcomers:

(Y/n) - Your name
(H/c) - Hair colour 
(F/c) - Fav colour
(E/c) - Eye colour
(S/t) - Skin tone

Enjoy, Little Scales x3

Sarafelen Sarafelen Dec 09, 2016
That so reminds me of some Gale comics I have on Pinterest. Thx for this pic in my head ^^
Sarafelen Sarafelen Dec 23, 2016
So the third one is no secret any longer... I'm a dragon slayer too. Me likey xD
sesshomaru-san sesshomaru-san Jul 18, 2016
I feel so is he gonna get mad at me......I'm freaking out bro....
kitty-neko kitty-neko Jan 07
Well sorry bout my name isn't (Y/n) its *tries to think of name* my name is ... Lucy
LacandraKorana LacandraKorana Dec 08, 2015
It's so dramatic o-o poor Gajeel he must've been so hurt when that happened ;-;
CristalOrtega1 CristalOrtega1 Dec 07, 2015
Hmmm im not to sure umm how about her having strict magic rules about falling in love