This Teme Is An Otaku! [SasuNaru]

This Teme Is An Otaku! [SasuNaru]

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dahlia By maikoiku Updated Jun 19, 2017

[High School AU! ] In class 3-A,  literally everyone had at least watched one anime,  due to the curiousity of Naruto's serious obsession with it. Either that or Naruto,  the annoyingly hyper boy had forced them to watch at least an episode with him. Though,  still-- the class's only otaku was him which irritated the boy. 

So when a new student enters the class,  Naruto attempts to chat with him but the boy was too hard to approach. Finally,  Naruto gets the chance and what happens when the boy answered a simple "yes" to the question that had stuck in his mind? 

A/N: Sorry, not good at descriptions lol and Imma no own any of this characters, sadly, they belong to kishimoto and the pictures aren't mine too so if I'm not allowed to use them, just tell meh, and sorry v. v... i hope you'll enjoy this fanfic, arigatou~

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So I’ve been crushing on someone for a while now (like over summer break long) and I know they don’t like me back, so need some emo anime’s... if anyone could compile a short list for me that would be great.  But you don’t have to... I just don’t want to keep having a crush on him
Haha, none taken, seriously.  I wear glasses and braces and everything.
I'm trying to imagine sasuke with a British accent now😂
                              Please don't ask why
livisbored livisbored Jan 29
Offense taken! I used to be HAWT. Key word, used to. Now I have short messy hair and regularly wore boys clothes, still do
He’s actually Narutos.   Well actually Naruto is his but... you should get what I mean by now...
_Natashi_ _Natashi_ Feb 06
Me all the time. I just look at someone and think, "I wonder if they like anime..."