Best Friend is Possessive

Best Friend is Possessive

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Katherine is what you would call a normal girl. She is popular but not queen. She's nice and tries to get along with everyone. She's 17 and starting her senior year. She's been hidden to the real world by her best friend.

Johnny's the typical bad boy with a catch. Sure he's attractive, funny, and strong. But he's also overbearing, manipulative, and possessive. Only to his best friend that is.

The catch? They're best friends. They are close. Almost too close.

So what do you get with a senior year? Parties, family problems, jealousy, hate, love, and a winter break away from their little town?

Will they figure out the flaws in their lives and pass them together? 

Or will they break apart on the long hard road of life, and move on to other loves?

Elishais11 Elishais11 Apr 11
He's like those really creepy and possesivie pedophiles/stalkers
My friends do this all the time. And it hurts like a MF. AND THE WAY IT STINGS AFTER 😭😭😭. I don't let them within 3 feet of me but they always find a way.
This is how me and my best friend are and he is a boy and he does this all the time
He is wayy to close to her if my best guy friend slapped my butt I would kick hum in his balls
OH MY G!!! LOVE! *faints* I CAN'T BE INVOLVED WITH...LOVE...EW! Imma put this book right down now! 
                              *note my hyperbolic sarcasm
If my dad saw that, he'd be dead and my dad would be in jail.