Life On The Outside : lesbian story :

Life On The Outside : lesbian story :

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Penelope 'Penny' Clare is your average teenager. She likes music and books are her life. She loves her mother, respects her father, hates her little brother. Her grades are passing though she's no star student.

Life at home really isn't bad. Dinner is served at six thirty and the family gathers to eat. Her best friend is her next door neighbor. It's the idea set up. 

Only, she's a lesbian in a backwaters town. Life's been spiraling out of control for years now. She's at her breaking point and secrets are at the tipping point. Spilling out all at once what's she to do when her whole life is turned upside down?

The answer: Unknown.

What_is_dieting What_is_dieting Jul 31, 2016
I was never like this. Sure people in my community are a little homophobic bit my school has GSA and it turns out most of my friends were gay as well
What_is_dieting What_is_dieting Jul 31, 2016
I don't even know her but she's my baby and nobody touches my baby
okay but why are they all wasting their lives are they really that pathetic to use their time to bully someone via text messages?? oh wait they are my bad
it's one thing for straight people to say that but it's another when lgbtq+ people think that too it's really sad tbh we're all humans our identity or who we love doesn't fücking matter I wish people can see that but nope they're all to damn blind, ignorant and full of hate to do so
jadethecorrupt jadethecorrupt 4 days ago
Tbh I would have gone to school with a metal bat the next day and started dropping bitches like flies
Laucy-Is-Real Laucy-Is-Real Aug 25, 2016
Ok 😂😂 I never heard of carpet muncher so I have the right to laugh !