Life On The Outside : ✓

Life On The Outside : ✓

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Penelope 'Penny' Clare is your average teenager. She likes music and books are her life. She loves her mother, respects her father, hates her little brother. Her grades are passing though she's no star student.

Life at home really isn't bad. Dinner is served at six thirty and the family gathers to eat. Her best friend is her next door neighbor. It's the idea set up. 

Only, she's a lesbian in a backwaters town. Life's been spiraling out of control for years now. She's at her breaking point and secrets are at the tipping point. Spilling out all at once what's she to do when her whole life is turned upside down?

The answer: Unknown.

I'm pretty sure she can get more than your bîtch ass You prob can't even get some.
Just started reading this 
                              (Taking a break from TaT)
                              And I already wanna cut a bîtch 
                              Wtf is wrong with people
ImAgAyFaIrY ImAgAyFaIrY Jul 20
Anyway this book speaks words louder than New York's and I live with one
City_of_Tye City_of_Tye Jun 02
Babygirl you're not an abomination!! You're you and god made you this way and he's proud of his creation. Pick your head up
You know, I've been living with a mother who has shoved those kind of things down my throat my whole life, but in all honestly, I can't really think for a second that God-who I'm not sure is real or not-would create me just to hate me
I've heard of taco eater or somethin, but carpet muncher? What the hell😂😂😂