From Prisoner To Princess [Book 1]

From Prisoner To Princess [Book 1]

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Angel Lunair By Angel-Lunair Completed

Two hundred years after world War three destroyed the Earth new kingdom's replaced old countries and technology evolved as humans fought to regain life again with what little was left of the population and Allison's life was no exception.

With no memories prior to age six, nineteen year old Allison was left to fend for herself as an orphan on the streets, stealing what she could for survival until she finds herself as a prisoner at Glariouse Reform Prison for Toubled Girls with no chance for freedom from a heist gone wrong. That was until her true identity was revealed as Princess Allisara DeLarosen, the long lost heir and future Queen of Zalaris. 

Her life takes a turn as she goes from Prisoner to Princess in a matter of hours and the truth behind her past comes to light as well as a betrayal no one would have thought possible.

But with help from Skylard -Sky- BlackHawk can this once lost Princess return her Kingdom to full glory and find love along the way or will she find herself once again as a lost child with no home left to call her own?

[A/N: Thank you Anonymous_115 for the amazing new cover]

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