From Prisoner To Princess [Book 1]

From Prisoner To Princess [Book 1]

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Angel Lunair By Angel-Lunair Completed

Two hundred years have passed since world war three, new countires formed and the world slowly got back to normal as technology evolved.

Allison was a normal nineteen year old girl, other then the fact that she was an orphan with no memory of who her parents were and no memory of her life from the time she was born to when she was six. 

Growing up on the streets, Allison had to steal to survive, landing her in the prison for those who do not benifit the society in the kingdom of Zalaris. It was here that she finds out she is the long loss princess, Princess Allisara DeLarosen. 

Her life turns upside down from being a child of the slums to the beatiful royal who the city loves.

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[WARNING :this book contains profound language, death, sexual acts and/or innuendos]

Rexthedoglover Rexthedoglover Feb 17, 2016
I searched for 'Doctor Who, the weeping angels facts.' And this came up first....bye