A Guide to Light

A Guide to Light

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MIRIAAAAM By MiriamAy Completed

Sami Noah, a Muslim guy living in Copenhagen, Denmark- who happens to have forgotten his religion completely and was busy living his thug life. 

Until something happens that changes Sami's mind, he no longer wanted to be that bad guy, he wanted to be a better person, he wanted to become a better Muslim man. 

With the help of his family and friends, Sami starts to change, but with facing new challenges.


Join Sami's adventure of love, problems and self-facing, and find out what being a Muslim in a western country is like, and find out how real Muslims really are.


***Read more about the content of the story in the Author's Note***


  • allah
  • couples
  • deen
  • family
  • friendship
  • islam
  • islamic
  • love
  • modesty
  • muslim
  • nikâh
  • romance
  • spiritual
menalmellam menalmellam Jul 23, 2017
Its hard to say shias are muslims only taking the shehada doesnt make them a muslim they dont accept the whole quran and say many things againest jibril
MyMrKimKai MyMrKimKai Jul 07, 2017
Det är okej! 😊 don't know if you understand it but it means :it's okay in Swedish, neighbor to Denmark 🇩🇰😉
Fandom983 Fandom983 Dec 17, 2017
you 👏🏼 tell 👏🏼  them 👏🏼  haters 👏🏼  (I'm actually Sunni tho but we have to respect EVERYONE!!!)
42jessie 42jessie Jan 22, 2018
Don't care about different sects in islam we are all Muslims
EngravedSoul EngravedSoul Apr 19, 2018
Sunni... Shi'a.... the Muslim ummah nowadays. Imagine if the Prophet  (sal) could see just how divided his nation is Subahanallah. I absolutely loathe the distinction. What happened to us being the brothers and sisters of one Ummah, following one religion and the ways of one Prophet?
Ayeshaafarooqui Ayeshaafarooqui Feb 12, 2016
The story seems really interesting! I'm sure I'm gonna love it! ❤