Psychopath | BTS J.JK

Psychopath | BTS J.JK

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Baekook :3 By Kookie_xo Updated Sep 10

Don't you e-ever leave me?..if you do..I will going to kill you with my bare hands! But I do not want to do that to you, babygirl. The bottom of my monster's heart, falling in love with you for ONE reason!!

                             - Jeon Jungkook

Do you think psychopath will fall in love with his one and only harmed angel or not?

Do you think psychopath had experience of love? Absolutely not! His demons eating him inside and makes him going to go craziest as if he ready to ruins everything nor his precious person, the one who exist in his cruel world.

When this sound of her name mentioned in the very end, scary the demons away..

It must be mature, dark and smut stuffs happens in this book. This is just fictional after all, not reality. I trying my best to make this book interesting with few new characters happening appears in any chapters.

what the-? 
                              i have a friend named Mina 
                              Mina-ah Wae didn't you tell me that you died cause of 
                              I will avenge you
                              Mina unnie* cries*
Why my baby kookie is bad now?!😭😭 i want my innocent kookie back😭😭 (overreacting uh?😂 Lol)
Mina wae didn't you call me i could've kill him 
                              * cries harder*
Haneul97 Haneul97 Jun 20, 2016
Chimchim why dafuq you liiiiyiiiin ?? You do this cause you want Kookie DUH !! we all know BOI 😏😏😏
Jin_Is_A_Unicorn Jin_Is_A_Unicorn Nov 03, 2016
Ur going to make me feel bad for the side character that is in love with yoona
                              brace yourself for the tears everyone
                              (blood, sweat and tears!!)
khunterbitch khunterbitch Jun 28, 2016
Boii you want kookie so bad don't you😏😏😏😏 you can fool me