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The Demon Twins World {MxMxB}

The Demon Twins World {MxMxB}

89.1K Reads 3.7K Votes 25 Part Story
KillerKinng c; By -SicklySweet- Completed

This is the story of Alexander, Benjamin & Atlas.
This story is a LGBTQ+ book , that means that there is male on male action.
This is the fourth book in the " My Mate" Series, you should read the first three before this one.

kaylajboucher kaylajboucher Dec 25, 2016
At least its not sister x brother... This is more exeptatable becuase they can't have a deformed baby...
gemarop gemarop 7 days ago
Weren't they be like 22 if, they older than Forest and Forest got married at 21?. I could be wrong, just checking
Jihoona30 Jihoona30 Nov 03, 2016
I don't think h
                              Atlas is old enough to fell the mating bond. Send his mind I'd in denial. When he felt the sparks, he didn't want to be leave it was what he was feeling.
junadina junadina Jul 10, 2016
I love your stories but this has been bugging me a bit it is since not sense