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No longer lonely sans x reader

No longer lonely sans x reader

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YoursisterNyssa By Nyssaloopsy Updated Mar 06, 2016

This is a sans x reader from undertale. I found some really great stories for this but they were incomplete. I love the character sans and I know a lot of other people love him too.

This book will contain spoilers from the pacifist and genecide route so pls read with caution.
List of characters
Sans (duh)
Monster kid
And you of course 
All the characters other than you belong to toby fox and not me and the cover is not mine.

Taller humen...really I'm only 5ft I think even Frisk is taller
SalemLucidEster SalemLucidEster Mar 04, 2016
.... That picture of Sans is making fun of me! QAQ I know I don't have a life... I don't need a skeleton telling me so too! And OMFG a pun!
JJgranados JJgranados Sep 05, 2016
I am smaller than blueberry and the size of frisk  . How is that tall?
WolfieeEila WolfieeEila May 12, 2016
How tall is Sans anyone know? 
                              im 5 foot 1 and three quarters.....
Thunderstar112 Thunderstar112 Oct 02, 2016
wow thats just hilarious cuz frisk is short and rping as the taller skelly and im taller and rping as the shorter skelly, actually im going as Sans for halloween i asked my friend if she would be Papyrus cuz shes taller than me (by i think 3 or 4 inches) but she said no 😢
StrawberryWhale StrawberryWhale Mar 27, 2016
"His smile is growing larger the more he's around you."*t I'm FVCKED