Solomon Grimm and the Well of Souls

Solomon Grimm and the Well of Souls

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Mark Knight By MarkKnightAuthor Updated May 10, 2013

Troubled fifteen-year-old British teenager Solomon Grimm is sent to Galway in Ireland by his foster mum, where he soon falls afoul of a strange gypsy curse. He slowly transforms into one of the walking dead - with white-green skin, lifeless eyes, and a heart as quiet as stone. Solomon has become a supernatural being and is now able to see other supernatural beings as well, and Ireland is chock full of them. Mischievous luricans, sword-wielding sheehogues, and the shape-changing Pooka are just a few. The sídhe, as the supernatural entities of Ireland are known, are unseen to normal humans. They’ve been there forever and hold many secrets. Some are helpful, others hell-bent on making Solomon’s undead life even worse.  But they are the least of Solomon’s worries.

Solomon’s only chance to return to his normal state is to find Tara Danan, the fifteen-year-old daughter of the woman who cursed him. Not an easy task, as Tara has been taken to the Underworld by the most fearsome of the grim reapers - the King of the Dead himself, Ankou. Latching himself on to Solomon is chubby Irish schoolboy, twelve-year-old Mungo, who is a wealth of information but also curious to a fault. The unlikely pair set off on a perilous journey to find the legendary Underworld of Irish legend...

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