Stolen Heart {Most Read Zanemau Fan-fiction}

Stolen Heart {Most Read Zanemau Fan-fiction}

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Orae By Katorae Completed

Zane has brought his forces to the gates of Pheonix Drop, and charges into the gates. At least that's what we think happened, but in this alternative dimension things are not quite as you were told.

(Thank you for the continuing support of this book even years after its release. It's crazy how my first book got so far. 
Thank you!) 

IMPRORTANT: I'm currently re-writing this story. So if you come across a sudden unlinked paragraph just know that it's because that's how far I've gotten up to. Don't worry I will be finished soon! I'm certain that everyone will like the changes I'm making; including:

~A New Ballroom Dance Chapter
~ More scenes between Zane and Aphmau
~ Adding in Gartey (Zane's father)
~Overall better quality writing

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starr2298 starr2298 Dec 29, 2015
"She's gone... I'm sorry" YEAH GARROTH MAKE IT SEEM LIKE SHES DEAD!!!!
                              Oh wait... She's gonna be married to Zane... You worded it right...
RoseLyrics RoseLyrics Dec 26, 2015
i dont think that brian did it i think it was lillan and her . . .illutions
CrystalDragon23 CrystalDragon23 Dec 21, 2015
NUUUUUU AND YAAAAAAAAYYYY FOR ZANMAU!!!!XD I am joking there is still no Zanmau