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A Writer's Passion *USUK*

A Writer's Passion *USUK*

26.6K Reads 1.5K Votes 35 Part Story
The_Capricorn By Capricious_Bastard Completed

American Freedom also known as Alfred Jones realizes that he is currently stuck in a rut. He takes a break from writing and goes to his favourite Cafe, only to meet a new friend? Fan? Or someone other than those. He becomes preoccupied with his new friend and realizes that he only has a week before his deadline to submit a manuscript, what will happen if Alfred starts to become inspired with romance novels instead of his usual writing style?

Does your pen turn into a sword? Or maybe it can turn into a gun or something. . . .
                              (Anyone get the reference in the first sentence?)
darkwaterfall413 darkwaterfall413 Jun 29, 2016
Minus the whole part of sekkaiichi hatsukoi where mamasune and ritsu never get together and only have one night stands
Crescentmoon626 Crescentmoon626 Jul 13, 2016
My god I could lose myself in a library. (A really nice one)  I love the smell of fresh books that have never been open.
darkwaterfall413 darkwaterfall413 Jun 29, 2016
i think. Could totally imagine Arthur and Alfred at mamasune and ritsu
I eat slowly. By the time I'm three quarters of the way done with ice cream, the rest is practically all melted.
fujoshi_sin_exe fujoshi_sin_exe Jul 09, 2016
Takano and Alfred actually have the same Japanese voice actor!!!