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Crescendo - B*M* Book #1

Crescendo - B*M* Book #1

1.6M Reads 80.3K Votes 42 Part Story
Lana Sky By Lana_sky Completed


You don't become the fiancé of one of the most powerful crime lords in the city without understanding exactly how gritty and depraved the world truly is... and how to thrive in the inferno.   

After five years spent under his controlling thumb, Daniela knows her position with a man like Vincent Stacatto is precarious, but as long as she plays by the rules of his "game", she's safe...

 Until she's taken by the devil. 

Kidnapped by a rival boss, Daniela becomes a pawn between two powerful forces, and just another casualty in a bloody game of chess. But to get to the top-and stay at the top-you have to fight dirty and hold nothing back, because the most dangerous piece on the board isn't the King. 

It's the Queen.


Tay-Tay326 Tay-Tay326 6 days ago
i can't take people with lisps seriously they make me laugh too much
DesireGilinsky DesireGilinsky Dec 10, 2016
I'm 16 & have been reading things like this for years.. oops?
Esha_01 Esha_01 Feb 18
ITALIAN! well this story just got a hell lotta hotter 😍😍😍
emmih29 emmih29 Dec 01, 2016
I LITERALLY LOVE THIS TRAILER but I can't tell who is who other than Emma as Daniela
the_escapee the_escapee Dec 30, 2016
Omfg this is my 3rd time reading in 2 days I am unprepared I have never loved anything this much