Akatsuki no Yona x Reader Oneshots (CLOSED)

Akatsuki no Yona x Reader Oneshots (CLOSED)

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・✧Eri✧・ By dangoeri Completed

A bunch of Akatsuki no Yona/Yona of the dawn x reader stories from the series for you to enjoy! 
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Akatsuki no Yona (duh).

-Requests are closed for good. Thank you everyone!-

RANKING: #2 in #akatsuki no yona

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OtakuCryst OtakuCryst Feb 23, 2018
if you dont mind, could you do an algira x reader? 
                              something fluffy.
                              plot is up to you
Plzdontleave Plzdontleave Feb 23, 2018
Can I have an Hak x reader x Zeno
                              Plot:Hak and Zeno go into town when they see this women over a corner and shes ganged up by men so they save her and bring them on their journey and they both seem to take a liking to her...
Anoushxka Anoushxka Feb 23, 2018
Can you do modern! Hak x wife!reader where they have a lazy morning together
- - Feb 23, 2018
Can you do a Soo-won x reader in which he never killed king il and likes the reader, who is a noble and good friends with the Princess, very much and tries to confess his feelings with Yona and hak helping him.
kaazure kaazure Feb 23, 2018
hak x reader fluff, where hak is tired and wants to sleep in reader's lap? bonus points if she pinches his cheek out of interest along the way and all that cute stuff. thank you!
ShadowWolfOfHel ShadowWolfOfHel Feb 23, 2018
Zeno x Tsundere Reader
                              First dragons time, Reader is friends with white dragon, Reader finds Zeno annoying and he bugs her all the time, Reader actually likes Zeno, white dragon plans to set them up.