We're Not Friends || Septiplier AU

We're Not Friends || Septiplier AU

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Writers Block By LemonScentedNamjin Updated Aug 05

"What's wrong with your voice?"

"I don't know! What's wrong with your face?!"

Jack and Mark have hated each other for as long as they can remember. So how on earth did they end up in a talent show as a duet together?

(DISCLAIMER: This story contains the following - Alcohol, drugs, anxiety and smut. If any of these make you uncomfortable or are triggering for you, please, do not read this book. I don't want any of you beautiful people to feel sad. ♡)

Drama!Musical!Mark and Musical!Loner!KindaPunk!Jack

Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton. And there’s a million things I haven’t done. But just you wait, just you wait. ( I'm sorry)
Mark is so nice, we need a fanfic where Mark is a total dick!...just kidding that would suck 😂😂😂
omg i love that song and episode! nice with mark and roses pink hair.
                              //sometimes he can be dominant when he is horny shhh
I have had this book in my library for a while and I can't wait to read it