The True Test Of love (Completed)

The True Test Of love (Completed)

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The sequel to my responsibility. 

G!p Lauren

Lauren and Camila have now been married for 6 years. During this six years not alot has changed until someone makes a mistake. No, no one cheated but what happens when they lose trust in each other because one of them doesn't beleave there child.

Zoey & Chloe- 6

Will their relationship be able to be saved?

Grammar  issues

  • ally
  • cabello
  • cabello-
  • camila
  • camren
  • dinah
  • fifth
  • harmony
  • jane
  • jauregui
  • lauren
  • normoni
is zoey being bully because shes small!! if i get that who is bullying ill fvcking hit their ass
uuhhh thats so sweet i wish that is his future husband who agreed?
poor last time when i was a kid they bully me too because im small and weak when i was now 11 turning 12 in may i became tall and theyre scared at me but i still have no friends
CathyBrenston CathyBrenston Dec 25, 2015
Ur right I was so madd at Arctica because she said that to her little sister and she lied to Lauren about protecting her little sister I am so upset wit Arctica
FantasiaMoore8 FantasiaMoore8 Dec 07, 2015
why her sisters gotta be mean to... Lauren needs to talk to her and help her because she knows what's happening to her I think she doesn't want to believe it's happening to her