Up in The Air

Up in The Air

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"Oh Romeo, the love of my life, I love you with all my heart, body and soul! Please marry me and be the father of my children!" I exclaimed with my arms wide open like a giant frog.

    "Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to say no . . . Juliet," He said amused, before turning around and leaving without even sparing me a second glance.


Define 'Crazy'.

You'd say, mentally unstable, overly enthusiastic, eccentric, insane etc. etc. etc.

I'd say, just two words.

Samayra Jones.

She and trouble goes hand in hand. Where there's chaos, just count on her to be there. She gives 'Crazy' a whole new level!

But what happens when a dark mysterious stranger enters her already chaotic life?

"You're the 'Bad boy', I'm the 'School weirdo'; we're meant to be!"

"This isn't some romance novel. Bad boys don't befriend the nerd, or the weirdo; they do crimes and spend their lives rotting in jail."

Hop on for a ride full of pure and utter madness, and have your mind BLOWN AWAY!

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This is definitely something my bff would do while I just say there and face palmed at them
Smh. When people don't think of the consequences of their actions.🙄
Saaaaaame girl! Saaaaaame!
                              I have to eat at least once every hour or else I'll die.
Shhh...u didn't hear anything..."puts hands on my puppy's ears"...
Sorry for comparing everyone but its to late i already see the light
No way! Is this book really like "Pause" or am I just being paranoid?!
                              If it is, do NOT copy!