Oh My Virginia

Oh My Virginia

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Virginia: A feminine given name derived from the Latin word Virgo, meaning 'maiden' or 'virgin'.

But Virginia Jackson is anything but a virgin. In fact, she was given the title the school's slut, all because she purposely slept with the entire football team in order to get back at her ex for cheating on Virginia with her best friend.

Well, almost the entire football team anyway.

Other than the gay guys and the guys who had girlfriends, the only guy she hasn't slept with on the football team: Troye Evans.

Troye happens to be a nerd who barely has any communication with the opposite gender, and doesn't know the first thing about kissing or better yet, having sex with somebody.

So when you put a determined Virginia and a virginal Troye together in a plot to get back at Virginia's ex, sparks will fly and there will be one less virgin in the world.

• • • 


highest ranking so far: #253 in Short Story [3/9/17] 
(I actually do not check frequently so I'm not too sure if it has gone higher before HAHA)

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I forgot about this book. I didn't actually read it^^ I just wanted to comment that. Now I'm gonna read it😂
hilariousawesome13 hilariousawesome13 Aug 20, 2016
Of course you did! Live porn, amirite.
                              Why am I such an awful person?
hilariousawesome13 hilariousawesome13 Aug 20, 2016
Oh, please, hon. Stop lying to yourself. If you still loved him you'd move on and not make yourself an easy target for STDs. Your trust was erased, and so was your love. Easy.
ellekode ellekode Feb 12, 2016
Maybe you could make some money being featured on an episode of "I Almost Got Away With It"... but like... maybe after you get out of prison...
clearlycas clearlycas Jun 28, 2016
At first I thought the title was "oh my vagina" 
                              .. don't be offended lmao
Novastic Novastic Jan 01, 2016
Aww Gabriel is sweet. I really like your writing style and excited to read this story!!=)