Forced Luna

Forced Luna

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Marie By marie_1990 Updated Sep 12, 2016

Sometimes in life a choice is not presented. Instead we are forced into our destiny. Walking forward, blind into the unknown. 

Nothing can be changed. We must accept the future to come.


"I turned 16 two days ago, and you?" 

I could see shock laced on his face. "I will be 26 in a couple of weeks, you're still in school huh?" 

I shook my head. "Thomas didn't want me to go he hired a private tutor for me, he liked keeping track of me. I actually graduated earlier, so technically I'm done." I turned away looking towards the tv but unable to focus correctly on the movie anymore. 

I could hear Nathan growl in his chest as I had mentioned Thomas. 

"How far did your relationship with him go?" He leaned forward, his elbows resting on the thigh of his legs. 

"You mean did we mate?" I asked as I looked at the back of his neck. He was starting to shake, I knew that his wolf wanted to come out. "No, my virtue is still in tacked. He had told me when I was 14 that he thought I was his mate but he wanted to wait until I turned 16 to find out, when he became alpha he told me that if he didn't find his mate by the time he turned 22 he would make me his Luna, mate or not, he turns 22 next week." I hugged my legs up to my chest. If I hadn't came with them I would have never met my mate, instead by this time next week I would have forced mated with Thomas. 

My wolf whimpered at the fact of not meeting Nathan, of being with someone else other than him. 

He looked up at me, his eyes a different shade of grey, they were darker. His wolf was at bay. "You're mine, you will never be his Luna. You belong to me. Do you understand that." He used his alpha voice. Making me cower a little. 

"Do you understand!" He roared. 

"I understand." I whispered.

Ummm I dont like to correct readers but its Werewolf .pleasedontkillme *hides behind bed*
Track_Chic23 Track_Chic23 Mar 31, 2016
Really good. My only issue is that you spell werewolf wrong.
christymiller28 christymiller28 6 days ago
Omg that would suck. I mean it's great that she found her mate but it would have been better if she wasn't already in love with Thomas and preparing to be his Luna
WithoutMeOrYou WithoutMeOrYou May 08, 2016
                              HAVE I MEANTIONED THAT I LIVE IT?
                              P'S.WEREWOLF NOT WAREWOLF.
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Dec 10, 2016
This dude😂He's "drinking" her in omi g. So he's proving for his mate. Bet he had a cold shower everyone!!!! Xd
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Dec 10, 2016
Omi g love it!!!! It's like another love war again!!! I love it!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️