Frozen Hearts |~| Ereri/Riren

Frozen Hearts |~| Ereri/Riren

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(Old username is lipglossandblack)

Levi Ackerman was born 1837. On his birthday, December 25th 1856, the unimaginable happened. He suddenly disappeared without a trace. He was born of a high status, so searches were sent immediately. The case for the nineteen year old continued until 1864 when his mother died of illness and his father soon ended the search. No one knew what happened or where he went. Of course, everyone except Levi himself. 

Walking home one night he was abducted by a strange man. He was left in an alleyway with a bite mark on his neck. He noticed his senses grew stronger and what he had become. 

The year is now 2015. Levi has found his "family." Two vampires he's met along the way. Levi now ignores the world going on around him. That is until he meets a certain boy who, little does he know, would change that forever.

(small parts are inspired by Twilight)

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Galaxy-the-girl-wolf Galaxy-the-girl-wolf Dec 03, 2017
When you can't find the remote to the T.V and you can't change the channel on the T.V.
                              My body is absolutely ready 😩
cookiess_233 cookiess_233 Oct 10, 2017
                              *runs to the kitchen gets cookies and milk, comes back to the couch and sits down* 
                              ...ok now i’m ready
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Nov 19, 2017
That must be the new and improved scouting uniform hanji is talking to Erwin about getting!
Tori8989 Tori8989 Oct 29, 2017
sesshokuseiun sesshokuseiun Nov 27, 2017
I had to ask my mom what powers the Vulturi people had because I wanted to compare