One Terrible Mistake

One Terrible Mistake

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HiddenHijabi By HiddenHijabi Updated Aug 05, 2017

"Is that why you were staring at me all of yesterday night? I thought you were glaring at me with hate but you were actually marveling at my attractiveness, weren't you?" he asked me mockingly, letting go of my hand with ease. I stumbled backwards into the wall, gulping as he pressed a hand to my waist and kept me captive.

I shook my head in response to his questions and he chuckled, the deep sound sending a shiver of delight down my spine. He leaned forward, face centimeters away from mine. His arrogant smirk was beginning to annoy me. He seemed more of himself now that he was smiling, however. I closed my eyes when he was only a hair's breadth away from me, his soft lips almost brushing mine as he asked me, "Don't you think it's odd that we've been married for seven months and haven't kissed even once yet?" His right thumb brushed over my lower lip, caressing me gently with the promise of something more. I opened my eyes and my tongue anxiously darted over my upper lip. He followed the movement with his eyes and his pupils dilated considerably.


Zuhra Barakat is a normal, twenty-one year old girl. A practicing muslimah, she prays regularly five times a day and proudly wears her hijab wherever she goes. When the time comes for marriage, she decides to marry a man who stole something from her in the past. She vows to keep him forever indebted to her and to never forgive him for his crimes against her. 

Aadil Rahman is a remorseful, depressed twenty-one year old boy. Once a practicing muslim, he no longer considers himself worthy of stepping foot in a mosque much less praying in it. When he finally realizes his mistakes, he begs Zuhra to marry him, knowing that she will never forgive him for their terrible past history.

What happens when fate unravels and hearts soften to transform a monstrous marriage to a beautiful one?

  • angst
  • cruelty
  • desires
  • fear
  • guilt
  • happiness
  • hijab
  • hot
  • love
  • marriage
  • mistakes
  • muslim
  • pressure
  • religious
  • repentance
  • reunion
  • romance
  • unrequited
  • want
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ThandoMoloi ThandoMoloi Mar 13, 2016
So excited for the next chapter! And could you please give a detailed description of both Aadil and Zuhra, thanks.
ThandoMoloi ThandoMoloi Mar 13, 2016
Ma sha Allah sister, this opening chapter  was really capturing. I will surely be coming back for more inshaAllah. Please don't drop this story halfway, please.
ThandoMoloi ThandoMoloi Mar 14, 2016
Please update soon. This book is amazing thus far, i'm just craving for more. ;)
introvertsince01 introvertsince01 May 27, 2016
I loved it.... it's looking like a real story.... appreciated 👏👏👏👏
kavishriee kavishriee Apr 25, 2016
I'm craving for the next chapter. This is a wonderful story. Please update.