The Omega

The Omega

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Amelia Johnson- The Omega, the weak link.

Leonardo Romano- Him, the Alpha feared by all, his name is spoken in dark corners and in whispers under a palm.

He's been searching for his mate since he ever could. And it's been under him this whole time
And now that he's found her he's never going to let go of her. Whether said girl likes it or not.

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roses8489 roses8489 Jun 03
Fine , you can take the stupid table but keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers
roses8489 roses8489 Jun 03
Allow the emotional unstable suicidal depressed teen tell you that you are perfect, it's not your fault, and we love you.
roses8489 roses8489 Jun 03
Immmmmm gonna swiiiinnggggg from the chandelieeeeeeer from the chandelieeeeeeer
This is making me fell like one of those would you rather's that are like,
                              "Would You Rather, 
                              Pull your nail off with a fork...
                              Or, line up a toothpick and stab your nail against a wall." And I scream,
                              "NEITHER!" And shiver, my imagination of what that would feel like taking over.
teeteeva teeteeva Oct 12, 2016
Ok I just started dating my BF a week ago but like I'm telling u this happened to me.. a lot
ballgownswift ballgownswift Jul 03, 2016
I think it's symbolism like the hand punching her is supposed to represent the feeling of his words