Abandoning Princesses || G.D

Abandoning Princesses || G.D

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taty🔅 By xdolansmilesx Completed

yeah, her parents decided to name her Princess because shouldn't every girl be treated like one...?

but it doesn't feel so royal when ya baby daddy ain't loyal...

dick move Gray... dick move.


*If you're uncomfortable with profanity, alcohol usage, or sexual activity, I suggest not adding this story to your holy library ❤️

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LostSoulFromThe90s LostSoulFromThe90s Feb 27, 2018
I’m sorry but when I read ‘father role’ I screamed out in class ROLE PLAY...I’m outside the principals office 😇😇😇
TheNolanDolan TheNolanDolan Jun 28, 2018
New York slang gang STRONG.
                              Nah I’m jk but that is a thing I say
dolansasfuck_backup dolansasfuck_backup May 31, 2017
*reads discription*
                              "...I suggest not adding this to your holy library"
                              *Adds to unholy library*
lindsayhathorn lindsayhathorn Feb 05, 2017
okay i haven't even read the book but by reading this first page thingy i'm already like in love with it😂
brazmine_24 brazmine_24 Jul 26, 2018
Sad but I would’ve done that too (even tho I would completely regret it later)
milahdolan milahdolan Jan 08
When I read this why did I instantly think of high school musical