Abandoning Princesses || G.D

Abandoning Princesses || G.D

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tatyツ By xdolansmilesx Updated Oct 29, 2016

yeah, her parents decided to name her Princess because shouldn't every girl be treated like one...?

but it doesn't feel so royal when ya baby daddy ain't loyal...

dick move Gray... dick move.


*If you're uncomfortable with profanity, alcohol usage, or sexual activity, I suggest not adding this story to your holy library ❤️

Evil-aesthetics Evil-aesthetics Aug 15, 2016
Me in the situation. "Have wonderful life burning in hell bitch."
IAmNightress IAmNightress Sep 13, 2016
I'm thinking of the scene from highschool musical. When Troy and Gabriella are doing on the rooftop. ❤️
okay i haven't even read the book but by reading this first page thingy i'm already like in love with it😂
pariserla pariserla Sep 06, 2016
Mercedes I have a friend who's name is that and we call her Sadie, I really like that name tho in general
IAmNightress IAmNightress Sep 13, 2016
I can't imagine Grayson graduating. In 2006 he would still be like 7-8. 😂