Taken By The Mafia

Taken By The Mafia

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Joy's POV

The caretakers had put all the babies in the living room watching to TV.When the doorbell rang Austin (he's my caretaker) went and opened the door. Three men in black came in.

"Hi there. I here to adopted a baby girl",he said and came into the living room and bent down to my eye level.

I ran over to Austin and hugged his leg because I was scared.And he picked me up.

"Its okay Joy he just wants to adopt you",he said and handed me over to the man in the middle and I started to cry.

"Calm down or your going to get sick",he said and caressed my hair.

"I'm your new dad and your going to be my new baby",he said while smiling at me.

I put my head on his chest and started to cry even more.

"Its OK baby . Now dry up your tears, Everything is going to be alright",he said and wiped away my tears.

"What's your name?",he asked.

"Joy",I said.

"Joy~ That's a wonderful name",he said.

"How old are you?",he asked.

"Nineteen",I said.

"You look like your two",he said and pulled me ...

CurlyL0t CurlyL0t Sep 16
Literally me, I talk to my cousins boyfriend, "Hi! I'm Charlotte, what is your job?" Him: "I kill things" (he's a Hunter,
Even better than her question. ...answers all calm & stuff. ...lol
reignis1 reignis1 Aug 11
This book is kinda like a book I read before but let me just be silent😶
my favorite song just came on 20 minutes ago and im still listening to it cause after it ends i just push the replay button lmao my fave song is death of a bachelor by panic at the disco