The Mating Games (Under MAJOR editing)

The Mating Games (Under MAJOR editing)

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French fri By Kayla-Boo_ Updated Jul 05, 2016

18 year old Maddie Sanchez is a runt that was chosen for The Mating Games. 

The games that brought death.It was either find your mate and do whatever they say, or fight to the death. Yea, sounds fun, right? 

And usually, the females basically bow down to their mates when they find them, then they are able to leave, and the girls do whatever the boy says, and live happily ever after. 

This year it'll all go as it usually does, Right? Wrong. 

For, Maddie will never be a puppet, never to be controlled. And when her mate happens to be a very powerful alpha? 

This is gonna be one heck of a game.


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These chapters are very crappy and poorly written as well as the fact it takes me a month to update, things tend to move at a very fast pace, but I am working on rewriting the whole thing to make chapters way longer and much much better quality.<3

wonderwoman432 wonderwoman432 Aug 05, 2016
Sorry but in  the pic of Maddie she does not look 18 just saying @fucking_devil
BloodStars BloodStars Mar 01, 2016
Lol it's like you knew what we would be wondering. I like you already
averii17 averii17 Aug 10, 2016
5'6 isn't even short wtf? Someone needs to write a werewolf runt story about me. I'm 5'0. Now that's short.
Marijaxxx Marijaxxx Oct 15, 2016
Is this an older book, its been a while since i have seen pictures and full descripton of the main roles lol?
_ToriTot_ _ToriTot_ Aug 23, 2016
Read through all the names the only last names are Sandchez, Haze and West besides the one and only dead Layla
Zoe_the_wolf_1_cp Zoe_the_wolf_1_cp Apr 23, 2016
I like how you had the character introduce herself. Creative