Behind the Eyes

Behind the Eyes

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What would you do if there was no such thing as mates. You could be chosen by anyone. And the chance you will find true love is small. 

I'm Lilith. I'm a white weretiger with shining, radiant blue eyes or so I'm told. On the first day of the Mating Game. I'm expecting to be chosen by the omega or not get chosen at all.  

The rules are simple. All the major packs come to a truce for 3 months. The Alphas choose first. The the Betas and so on. The females get to chose theirs after all the boys have gone. At the beginning you are selected from a bowl. 1000 girls out of a million have to be put to the test to find the Alphas' Luna. The tests are a series of challenges like manners, fighting and personality. 

When I'm in line around a bunch of girls who are wearing cocktail dresses while I'm wearing a hoodie, a sports bra and sweat pants. The Alphas go up and down the rows choosing people. I'm looking at my shoes and tie my high tops when I stand up I see everyone staring at me. All the alphas point at me. 

Can she survive their challenges?
Will she find her 'mate'?
What would happen if she does?


I don't mean to be rude, but I just want to say u used the incorrect grammar. It's "there" not "their"
Freakerina Freakerina Aug 25, 2016
I'm only one caaaaall away
                              I'll be their to saaaave the day
                              Superman got nothiiing on me
                              Sorry, couldn't help myself…
2004dc11 2004dc11 Jul 16, 2016
Three little devils jumping on the bed. One jumped on his sisters head. Sister called the mom and the momma said. No more devils jumping on ANYONES BED
aestheticpolaroid aestheticpolaroid Jan 09, 2016
I can tell I won't be be sleeping because of the cover/title, it gives me the chills. (In a good way)