My Mysterious Mate

My Mysterious Mate

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PIK DAT TABLE By PiKNiKTABLE Updated Jul 09, 2016

"You didn't get it then, what makes you think you'll get it now? You'll never understand why I had to do this. It's pointless to explain when you are going to look at me like I'm the monster. And maybe i am a monster.. but I don't want the one person who said he'd love me to look at me like a monster too."  Her eyes were filled with hurt. Maybe because she lied or maybe because she thinks fucked up. But she was wrong. So wrong. I didn't see her that way. I just couldn't find the right words to make her feel better. I was so used to seeing her emotionless eyes. No. Her mysterious eyes. But now that I saw everything from disappointment, pain, confusion, worry, I was scared. For once, I didn't know how to laugh my way out of this one. 


LJ Aeros, son of Sapphire and Luke. The alpha and Luna of the pack. LJ is 16 and is looking for his mate. But being the womanizer and flirt he is, it's hard for him to find his mate. You'd be surprised how his best friend stays by his side. 

Micah West, daughter of Greg and Julian West. She isn't your normal 15 year old. She's blunt and serious. She speaks her mind and can hold a secret from anyone. Her eyes hold such mystery to them. She watches over her best friend, LJ as he tries to find his mate. But when she turns 16 everything takes a twisted turn. But is it for the better? Read and find out in the second season of Silent Mate.

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Alpha_Midnight Alpha_Midnight Feb 14, 2016
I bet my account on Wattpad that they're mates but that 1 of them hasn't come of age to know yet
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Nataliah88 Nataliah88 Mar 02, 2016
Ok one question what did Sapphire  tell Micah that day when they were children?????
CoconillaX CoconillaX Jan 07, 2017
I would rather have a flat chest then a bítchy attitude. TBH.
dead_inside_3 dead_inside_3 Feb 26, 2016
SpikeePoptart SpikeePoptart Mar 12, 2016
Am I the only one who when I see LJ I think of the creepypasta laughing jack
colourful_odyssey16 colourful_odyssey16 Feb 01, 2016
Your an idiot, ever thought about her B-day being the reason your unsure