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Falling For The Bad Boy

Falling For The Bad Boy

109K Reads 3.6K Votes 22 Part Story
:): By Killing_it_likeboom Completed

Meet Julliete the introvert beauty. The girl who likes to hide her face behind a book and block all the noise with her headphones. Her hobby is to sit at the corner of her room all alone writing songs. She's a girl who knows how to exist without any existence. One new place. One new school. One bad boy. Will Juliette's life be redefined?

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JulietteMazz JulietteMazz 12 hours ago
My name is Juliette first book I've read
                              On hear my name in it
XxDeeDoddxX XxDeeDoddxX Dec 30, 2016
That's really deep. It's inspirational and extremely beautiful. You could be a poet lol
That's the truth the higher we are in the social  ladder the more it would hurt when we fall cause we lose everything and sometimes everyone who ever stood by you cause of your " new social status"
mazahnii mazahnii Mar 21, 2016
Wen I read a book or if I want to read a book that is or looks interesting I read the first chapter and this big CAUGHT MY ATTEITION 😍😍 I am already loving it . Nice job 😌
the_dark_faery the_dark_faery Dec 06, 2016
This book is good and I've only read the first chapter, I feel like this relates to me in some way...
animegir1 animegir1 May 17, 2016
Whatcha know bout me
                              Whatcha whatcha know bout me
                              Whatcha know bout me
                              Whatcha whatcha know 
                              They say my lipgloss be cool
                              My lipgloss be poppin
                              I'm standing at my locker 
                              And all the boys be stopping