The Only Exception (Steamy chapters)

The Only Exception (Steamy chapters)

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Chapter Thirteen

He waited impatiently for her, roaming the church, unable to distract his mind away from her for even a moment. She filled his head, his heart, she was running through his veins and he knew that soon enough her blood would be too, heightening his sense of her that much more. She was like an enchantress, she had woven a spell on him with her captivating eyes, making him see and feel things he hadn't felt in centuries.

Sometimes he hated her for it. Most of the time he longed for her. Every day he wanted to show her just how much, but he knew that he had to bide his time. If he moved to quickly, if he frightened her into submission for one night then he might lose her forever. He had let her go for this reason, knowing that she would never trust him if he couldn't show trust in her, but he knew in his heart of hearts that she would be back, that Tobias would drag her back if he had to.

She had left an hour ago with the young vampire, much to Frost's reluctant agreem...

    KayRuss167 KayRuss167 Jan 15
    I cannot explain how nice it is to finally read a story where the girl isn't stupid, doesn't run and doesn't try to be someone who thinks she can defeat a vampire. Thank you for giving me something I enjoy reading.
    WiDDleEmmAwEE WiDDleEmmAwEE Jun 01, 2015
    Does that mean mean she will be bound eternally and never die?
    DumAmoVivo DumAmoVivo May 10, 2015
    I finished the book months ago. I guess I just had to re-read
    ilovebooks ilovebooks Apr 11, 2015
    Beg for mercy from, Puss! In boots. LOL XD SORRY I HAD TO GET THAT OUT OF MY SYSTEM!!!!
    Zayabel13 Zayabel13 Dec 31, 2013
    I have never heard of a man that can restrain himself against a naked women... you have made a man (sexy vampire at that) a good person! Thank you u3u
    Sandrahutson Sandrahutson Oct 12, 2013
    nicely done, honestly too from her point, which gives it more validity. could've been rougher, rawer, roarr whatever but I kinda like that it wasn't,  like,  I said more validity. .