Chased By Suits  #Wattys2016- Book I

Chased By Suits #Wattys2016- Book I

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I get a call from an unknown number and I have a vague idea of who it might be.

"911 what's your emergency?" I answer, holding back a laugh.

  "Don't fuck with me Elena. Now tell where you are so I can pick you up and... Talk."

Damn, he's sexy when he's angry.

I bit my lip, looking for the metro sign.

"Your kind of talk and my kind of talk are completely different at the moment" I laugh, spotting what I was looking for.

"Oh yeah? You don't know until you try, isn't that right, principessa? " he says huskily, almost making me stop in my tracks.


Helen is one witty funny girl and Dante is one driven Mafia head.

What happens when they accidentally reenact one of their childhood fairytales?

I guess you'll need to read to find out.

_SandyC _SandyC Oct 23
Hmm… might google it too see what comes up. You know… just incase…
If one day I helped someone I hope he/she doesn't find out I winged it based on wattpad 😂
okay let me get this straight!
                              he's dying.
                              basically bleeding to death.
                              with a GUN POINTED AT YOUR HEAD!! 
                              and you're over here checking him out? 
                              girl same! 👏
- - Oct 11
Erm... your getting kinda distracted... *cough hes got a gun *cough
This picture is apart of my aesthetic now😭😭😭 it's beautiful
LoViNgyoux LoViNgyoux Aug 19
*looks at comments* suddenly all teachers look like dis picture 😐😂