Marvolo•Tom Riddle FanFiction

Marvolo•Tom Riddle FanFiction

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所以 不 凉 By newvogue Completed

"my bones are stained with sins, scorched from fires, broken by betrayal, cold in loneliness, soaked in blood, and still we keep fighting."


Kenna Karamakov is just trying to leave.

Leave the family home she grew up in that was never really hers, leave the school she never belonged to and leave her own mind. 

However, she still has two more years at Hogwarts and hopes they go along fast. 

But Kenna never gets what she hopes for. 

When Dumbledore offers her a proposition she can't resist, Kenna is thrown into the twisted world of Tom Marvolo Riddle. 

Kenna soon learns that once you get into the mind of the dark orphan, it's near impossible to get out. 

Yet, does she want to get out?

Or has she finally found someone who carves darkness as much as her?

I love how there's always got to be some deeper meaning to smoking. I literally started smoking because my brother offered me a cigarette. I don't smoke pretty much at all unless someone offers. What do you call that?
Yeah sounds like my father, I don't want to hear anything that involves him
Maybe the reason that it's mostly Slytherins that become death eaters and such, is because that since they were 11 people have told them that they were bad, and they literally grow up being hated by the other houses and some teacher, HOW IS THAT OKAY.
Thats what he said in the chamber of secrets. Go Tom💕💕💕😘😘😘!!!
CiaHill CiaHill Mar 11
Not to be the stereotypical goody-two shoes; BUT she was 13 when she started smoking for God sake!!
aggelikipet aggelikipet Jul 08
What the hell? 
                              I've seen someone die but whatever I don't care I can see the thestrals! Be jealous bitches! 
                              Just no