Black and Silver

Black and Silver

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Joanna J Berezny By JoannaJBerezny Updated Jan 07, 2011

I call myself Lerkha to hide my true identity.  I'm 17, and an orphan who is tall and dark skinned with ribs you could play music on.  Food is hard to come by and I give most of what I can to Daidai.  He's only six and I can't stand to see him go hungry.  I dress like a boy and live in a slum, and I never thought that would change until I met Ehjiro.

He knew who I was.  He saw right through me.  And without him, I would never have stepped up to claim my birthright as the Princess of the Karajha.

Now I'm fighting to be worthy of that title, and so that kids like Daidai can be free to live the lives they want to live, and not have to worry about having enough to eat or having a roof to sleep under.

And I'm going to win.

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JoannaJBerezny JoannaJBerezny Nov 14, 2010
@whyteoleander Thank you so much!  I'm glad you're enjoying my story :)
whyteoleander whyteoleander Nov 14, 2010
I loved that your story has a fresh theme and is not a repetition of the same plot over and over again ! I also love that the characters are not barbie doll perfect either ! Great start !