Narry - Everyone Else in the Room Can See It

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Sabrina By WriteLikeThissss Updated 5 months ago
Niall and Harry. Harry and Niall. It works. Everyone can see it. Niall and Harry can see it. The only thing is, neither of them feel brave enough to admit their feelings to each other. What happens when they can't hide their feelings any longer and their bandmates decide to give them a helping hand.  This is Narry's story.
IM NOT READY YET *grabs Popcorn napkins and butter* im ready
take me home tour is y favorite 1d time period thank the lord
someone please explain why i'm already screaming like a dying whale.
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This is the first Narry fanfic I'm reading where Louis isn't a complete and utter asshole.
This is kinda sounding like some Larry proof but I love it already
Even though I'm a larry shipper I still love reading narry stories omg they're a cute couple :)