Keep Quiet // Josh Dun (completed)

Keep Quiet // Josh Dun (completed)

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mom By spnlife Completed

She was shy. 

But Josh didn't mind.

Not all things can end happy.

sophia21pilots sophia21pilots 7 days ago
-language arts (worst teacher ever) 
                              -math (always has work even on a free day) 
                              -lunch (eat like a pig read and listen to MCR and stuff) 
                              -pre med (to many test) 
                              -french (to hard*thats what she said* and 2 worst teacher ever) 
                              -science (fun entertaining and stuff) 
                              -history (best teacher ever)
Raven_Night Raven_Night Jan 30
If everyone is posting schedules, why not! 
                              1 - Study hall 
                              2 - Band
                              3 - APUSH
                              4 - Anatomy 
                              5 - AP Lang
                              6 - Physics 2
                              7 - AP Calc 
                              8 - Spanish 4
1: Advanced US History
                              2: Language Arts
                              3: Study Hall
                              4: Engineering and Design
                              5: Concert Band
                              6: Physical Science 
                              7: Algebra 1
AAAAYYY I LIVE IN CHICAGO I love it except the weather and the violence and the mayor but hey we have perms
I'm ashamed that I didn't comment "JISHWA MY CHILD" when I first read this...
C Lunch at my school is the worst lunch you could get...It's all the leftovers. D: