The Selection (Percy Jackson AU)

The Selection (Percy Jackson AU)

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Olympus has a ruling Prince named Percy Jackson, who is hosting a selection to find his perfect girl. Annabeth Chase is a small town girl who loves to read and draw she has never been interested on Prince until her friends entered her into the selection. Annabeth learns that the Prince is not what she thinks. 

Character Credits to Rick Riordan and all The things to The Selection to Kiera Cass

Book Cover is drawn by Viria, so all credits go to her for the beautiful drawing

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It's like 
                              You talk about boys and how your bffs crush likes her and how you are going on a date with your bar
                              Then He cheats on you by kissing another girl
                              He says "it's not what it looks like" and you run out the door and start to cry. Your bffs start to yell at em and then that happens
Kindagothdo Kindagothdo Nov 22, 2016
A beautiful day in ANGELES NOT CALIFORNIA *froths at the mouth**tranquilizer dart hits arm and passes out*
                              Thalia: Good riddance
JueTheWitch JueTheWitch Dec 29, 2016
"I'm sure you will find the perfect boy who will love you to the moon and back." 
                              That's some very cheesy and romantic dad she's got there.
GO THALIA!!! (No I won't turn into an Aggie! No! No I won-) WHOOP!
TheMelodyStar TheMelodyStar Dec 31, 2016
Mhm. I expected them to kick/punchline in the face though, not yell.
Rowaelinmanorian Rowaelinmanorian Dec 09, 2016
i LOVE the selection
                              and Percy Jackson!!!
                              next do throne of glass and percy!!!