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a glass of apple cider eyes.

a glass of apple cider eyes.

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yeah By shahberi4 Updated Jan 30, 2011

Sage Bridges isn't a lilac plant stretching over a moat and bridging the gap between a castle and a town. She's a girl. Duh!
Sage is guarded, and obsessed with her music... Marcus is Overcoming Radar's frontman, and he's obnoxious to say the least. Her parents don't really know much about it, and her band, or care to know, but Sage could care less, 
Then when she realizes her band might actually be decent, she gets scared. Things might not be the same. And she's not sure she wants them to be.

Haha okay that's the description so far.
My plan is to rewrite this whole story, so it starts actually flowing and making sense.
Give me a chance though... I'm still debating.

JeffmanJames JeffmanJames Feb 03, 2013
Your style is great and this story is very interesting and captivating. You've got me hooked already.
dracospinks dracospinks Oct 25, 2011
I love your style of writing! Just from reading the prologue I can tell that Sage is going to be a brilliant character.
tiptoe13 tiptoe13 Mar 16, 2011
Your writing is...whimsical, I've decided. Slightly like poetry but in more of a story form. Sorry that's the best description I could come up with at one in the morning haha  :P. But I did enjoy this first chapter (or second if you count the prologue)
Madi79947 Madi79947 Jan 05, 2011
Totally LOVE IT so far!! I agree with xxilovelifexx! 'I realize that I am confusing the confused be confusing myself'
shahberi4 shahberi4 Dec 08, 2010
@AddictedToVamps @eZzemoLiShuss thanks for reading guys :)  now all i need is a soul
RadicalEzz RadicalEzz Nov 27, 2010
I like it so far! :)
                              sorry It took me a while to read.
                              but all in all. it really good. :) xx