Save Me

Save Me

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florencity By florencity Updated Oct 27

I stand in front of the mirror barely recognizing my reflection.

Who's that girl? 

This isn't the same girl I used to know. Broken isn't even enough to describe the way I feel.

I put on some make up and cover up the bruises on my face. I force a smile on my lips but failed when tears rolled down my eyes.

"Save me.."


Rosalinda thought she knew the man she decided to move in with but through the time she realized how wrong she was.

She's in an abusive relationship and doesn't know how to escape it. 

What will Rosalinda do to leave that abusive relationship? Will she make it out alive?

I'd be like " NOPE" and then I'm gone out the door like freaking sonic--->
caramelmami caramelmami Jun 17
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bethxnewell bethxnewell Aug 25
You deserve the best and nothing but the best so I'll give you the best you've ever had lmao I'll leave
prisilasmh prisilasmh Dec 08, 2015
Im reading this bc of "My favorite criminal" ugh that so good i hope this is just as good YASSSS