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Outcast (Levi x reader)

Outcast (Levi x reader)

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Tie Ackerman By clean-freak-heichou Completed

Your family and best friend died when the enemy invaded the maria village, however, you were lucky enough to escape. You're on your own, and you decided that your best option is to join the survey corps army...

(An AU in which the time setting is similar to 1960. Furthermore, there's a war in which 'the titans' are the enemy army. Any real Titans involved are the result of a science experiment as a better weapon.)

Huh good.... I guess that means one less mouth to feed <- yes I am evil. I feel bad. Not.
BISH without fear, there is no reason to have courage. So without something to fear, there is no courage. <- INSPIRATIONAL ME MODE
Okay, calm down and take a seat. Wasn't it you who forced me to come here? Smhhh don't piss me off
That moment when all your friends die and you turn into a complete savage.
kihyunnie- kihyunnie- 4 days ago
whenever i see the word "caterpillar" i think of a slap on titan goddd
Hold your horeses Reindeer. What the hell you talkin about me not being able to be here. Your the one who said to join, hen like 2 hours later you say gtfo?! Boi, I hope annie bites your dick off.